le Pescadeux

1.0 out of 5 stars
based on 1 Review
90 Thomson Street
New York, NY 10012


vocal jazz
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1 Review
1.0 out of 5 stars   


This is the all-time worst place to play for a singer - the acoustics suck, the food is mediocre and served in ungenerous servings. But worst of all is the owner, who has absolutely NO respect for musicans. days before your first time he will begin to harrass you with texts about your friends not making enough reservations. When you walk in, you'll be confronted with the reservation list and told to identify which people will be there "for you". The 1st time I played, I had over a dozen friend who ate dinner (it ain't cheap, either). Aside from the unimpressive food, they were annoyed by the owner and couldn't hear the music well because of the tin ceilings.
I stupidly went back there another time, anf this time, the owner confronted me WHILE I WAS STILL ON THE BANDSTAND as we were taking the first break "where are all of your friends? Which od these people came for you? you LIED to ME!! YOU LIED to me!!". Unbelievable - and unprofessional. Several of his regulars were commenting that night how great the band was & asked when we'd return, & I told them never, because the owner screams at me about not having enough (yes, there were some) friends come down. The regulars couldn't even believe it.
Incidentally, other singers have gotten the same treatment and tell the same stories. One told me she nearly threw her drink in the owner's face. And there is a general consensus amongst many NYC musicians that they shouldn't play here.
I had to put one star to publish the rating - you can't leave it at no stars. But the only thing star rating I can truly about this place is that the owner os a 5-star a**hole
Don't work here, and don't patronise this place. BAD!!!