Tony V's Garage

3.5 out of 5 stars
based on 3 Reviews
1712 Hewitt Ave
Everett, WA


Punk/Metal, etc

Paid via…

  • Lump sum?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Cover?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Minimum draw to get paid?: No (1 vote)  
  • No pay at all?: No (2 votes)  
  • Free food?: No (2 votes)  
  • Free drinks?: Yes (1 vote)  No (1 vote)  
  • Paid to play?: No (2 votes)  

Business practices

  • Non-profit?: No (2 votes)  
  • Musician-run?: No (1 vote)  
  • Rental fee?: No (2 votes)  
  • Books local acts?: Yes (3 votes)  
  • Books out-of-town acts?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Promotes the acts it hires?: Yes (2 votes)  No (1 vote)  


  • Piano?: No (2 votes)  
  • Piano in tune?: No (1 vote)  
  • Keyboard?: No (2 votes)  
  • Drumset?: No (2 votes)  
  • Keyboard amp?: No (1 vote)  
  • Guitar amp?: No (1 vote)  
  • Bass amp?: Yes (1 vote)  No (1 vote)  
  • PA system?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Sound person?: Yes (2 votes)  

The room

  • Stage?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Backstage/Green Room?: Yes (1 vote)  No (1 vote)  
  • Space for dancing?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Primarily background music?: No (1 vote)  
  • Serves Food?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Liquor License?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Capacity: 50-300 (2 votes)  

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Reviews from musicians

1.0 out of 5 stars   


I considered just leaving this whole thing alone but I think it’s important that performing and working artists understand what Tony vs is actually like - I saw their true colors and frankly if you’re black I would stay far far away from this place.

I’m a concert photographer and was invited to photograph their headliner one evening, I’ve photographed at this venue before so initially I was very pleased to come back. I wandered backstage on the permission of a working staff member as well as the performing artists themselves. Security very aggressively yanked me backwards (I don’t like unnecessarily having hands put on me as every human being does so I’m confused as to why that seemed to be his practice. I’ve never been physically accosted by a venue security in my life up until now).

I explained that I was hired to do a job, and if I was able to verify with the performing artist my credentials. This man looked at my camera, my wrist band, looked back at my face and then proceeded to ask “what are you here trying to do?”

I explained to him - a working venue professional who has apparently seen plenty of concerts at this establishment before - 3x that I was here to photograph. I’m not an idiot he was being petty out of spite and frankly I have no idea why.

He agreed to allow the artist to verify my credentials saying “I’ll need to be right there to hear it” to which I agreed. We proceeded to walk back to the stage curtain where I waited for the artist. They came through, we chatted, I proceeded to walk back toward the stage with them only to be physically accosted by security again. He insisted he “didn’t hear or see anything” although he was directly behind us.

I’ve dealt with immaturity in grown men before and I know when to pick my battles. I left the situation and I continued to just photograph front of house. Security was closely following me around the venue for the duration of my time there to make sure I didn’t attempt to go back stage again. I began to feel extremely uncomfortable with security’s hypervigilance toward me. Mind you I’m a 5’4 black woman with nothing but a camera and my wallet on me - I’m still confused as to why this man just loathed my existence from the beginning I don’t know. I left the set as soon as I got the photos my client needed because he was making me upset.

The following day I called to voice my upset. The woman on the phone snarkily implied that I was only complaining because the security officer was black - not realizing I am a black woman myself.

I decided to speak with no one else until I could speak to the manager. It took days to get a call back, to which the owner himself gave me a call. He demanded that “we’re not going to make this about race” because he’s worked with “all types of people”. Which sounds a lot like the ’I don’t see color’ trope to me. He also insisted that he had no idea what I expected him to do. He interrupted me while I was speaking, he was aggressive and unapologetic. He insisted he had no record of my credentials or that I had ever photographed there before (@thehomelandobscuritydept Instagram for reference. YES I HAVE. TWICE NOW??)

Black women especially - avoid this place with your life. it’s a hole and they’ll somehow treat you like a Karen if they think you’re white and immediately ABW you once they realize you’re black? How these white people even pulled a circus like the one they pulled on me also at the expense of their black employee…I don’t know but uhm, yeah. They’re a mess and I have no hesitation telling my current and future clients exactly why I have my reservations about ever working at Tony V’s Garage again.


Subject to Fits

1 Review
4.0 out of 5 stars   


Had a wonderful experience playing Tony V's! Received very clear expectations about how the show would run. Payment was absolutely fair! It's a great space and everyone was very cool. We played on a weeknight but there was still an decent crowd in the house!

The only thing that I could nitpick was that the sound could have been better. It sounded ok from the stage but many of the audience members complained that they could not hear vocals clearly. The soundperson was super professional but seemed a bit inexperienced. All in all, we can't wait to go back!



5 Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars   


Everything about Tony V's rules. Yeah, it's smallish. 100-150 cap? Don't care.
You will play a great show to an enthusiastic crowd where the staff is great and the owner really takes care of bands.
If you have a bad show here: quit playing music, because clearly you suck and no one likes you.
Decent, loud PA. Delicious burgers. Cheap drinks. Good pay and comps. Outstanding staff. Owner who cares. Great crowds. Do it.