Music Hall Of Williamsburg

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Brooklyn, NY


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4.0 out of 5 stars   


playing shows here is cool.. very similar to the bowery ballroom. it's a very similar layout and size, and similar feel, but not quite as gritty(yet.) again, and same goes for bowery, they could fix there green rooms up a bit. especially the bathroom in the bigger greenroom- the lock on the door has been broken for years at this point. what's the deal? it's like a home depot door handles that probably costs less than 20 bucks. something like a band greenroom at a venue is going to require upkeep if it's going to stay nice. i feel like the bowery ballroom and mhow are good, but have the potential to be really great. so why not be great? a greenroom can be such a sanctuary to a touring band. it's such a letdown when you show up to a famous, prestigious venue and see that it has not put the effort in to make a welcoming atmosphere for musicians. it definitely takes away from the overall experience. that's the only thing i'd really say negatively about mhow..