Skylark Cafe & Club

3.5 out of 5 stars
based on 3 Reviews
3803 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106
(206) 935-2111


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Typical earnings for each musician

based on input from 1 review

Paid via…

  • Lump sum?: No (1 vote)  
  • Cover?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Minimum draw to get paid?: No (1 vote)  
  • No pay at all?: No (1 vote)  
  • Free food?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Free drinks?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Paid to play?: No (1 vote)  

Business practices

  • Rental fee?: No (1 vote)  
  • Books local acts?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Books out-of-town acts?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Promotes the acts it hires?: Yes (2 votes)  


  • Piano?: No (1 vote)  
  • Keyboard?: No (1 vote)  
  • Drumset?: No (1 vote)  
  • Keyboard amp?: No (1 vote)  
  • Guitar amp?: Yes (1 vote)  No (1 vote)  
  • Bass amp?: Yes (1 vote)  No (1 vote)  
  • Direct box?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • PA system?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Sound person?: Yes (2 votes)  

The room

  • Stage?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Backstage/Green Room?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Space for dancing?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Serves Food?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Liquor License?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Capacity: 50-300 (1 vote)  

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Reviews from musicians



4 Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars   


Played this place when it first opened (few years back). Played this place last week (um...last week). Night and DAY! Used to be a pain, now, it's kind of awesome. It is a smaller room, but it would hold 50+ easy (maybe more), which is MORE than enough to "recoup your G.D. gas money". The stage is big enough for a 4 - 5 piece band with lots of gear. Built in rug (cheetah, me thinks). Soundguy, f'n AWESOME! $20 and he records your show and hands you a CD at the end of the night. AND it's a good recording. BAAM! The staff, awesome and friendly. Food/drinks, good enough. Location is decent for both WSea and downtown folk to hit. Overall, this is one of the better "small, local music venues" to play in Seattle. Most fun I've had playing a weeknight gig in Seattle in a long time. Do that sh1t!


some dude

2 Reviews
2.0 out of 5 stars   


cool place great food but don't expect to get paid very much. Room is small won't hold enought people to recoup your gas money. That being said sound guy did a great job stage was nice.



1 Review
4.0 out of 5 stars   


Very musician friendly. Owner is pro-local musician, great atmosphere for new acts. Good sound and soundman, solid stage. Usually a nice crowd. Downstairs private area to house equipment, tune, practice, etc.