Durango Brewing Co.

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Durango, CO


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1 Review
1.0 out of 5 stars   


Small venue not very well suited for musical acts of any kind, but they supposedly have live music all the time. Aside from that, everything was great. Wonderful servers, very helpful, a nice, small, craft brewery. However, things went south when it was time to get paid. Upon being handed less than half of what we were told is the standard pay for every act, I proceeded to call our booking manager to make sure there wasn't some sort of miscommunication. While I was on the phone with him being assured that we had indeed been screwed, I was almost run over by none other than the owner of the bar who was fleeing the premises for obvious reasons. Of course, we were not allowed to get any of his contact info. So glad we could drive from Texas to Durango to not even make enough money to make it home.