UC87 Lounge

1.0 out of 5 stars
based on 1 Review
87 Ludlow St
NY, NY 11221


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1 Review
1.0 out of 5 stars   


I wish I didn't even have to give this place a single star. They are a RIP OFF- bands beware! I wrote a review of this place on Yelp, I'll paste it here. Basically, the place has decided that they make more money consistently ripping off bands than doing legit shows. They double, triple and quadruple book bands on purpose just to get a crowd in there, then have a screaming fight every night when bands don't get to play even though their friends and family were charged a whopping $15 for a hovel with a stage that looks like it's about to fall over. Basically, the whole thing is a big lie, on purpose. The owners and "booking agent", Bruno Campanelli, should be charged with grand larceny and I'm not even kidding about that. Bands need to stick together against these kind of blatant rip-off tactics from ANY venue, it's disturbing that this has been able to go on for as long as it has. Here's the review from Yelp:

Ok, Im giving this place zero. If you are in a band, BEWARE! DO NOT PLAY HERE, it’s nothing but a big SCAM.

The so-called “booking agent” who looks like a fat sausage eater in his wifebeater white undershirt that he wears, named Bruno, is no booking agent. The “band booking” is all a joke. His goal is to get you and your friends to sit at the crappy bar for hours waiting to go onstage, that you will BUY DRINKS AND SPEND MONEY THERE. He has not a care in the world about you, your band, music or anything like that.

How can you tell? There is no set time. He “books” 10 or more bands and hopes that some will show up despite his despicable reputation. He doesn’t tell you when you will play. That’s the most basic thing in the world is to tell you in advance when you will play so your friends will know when to show up. He won’t do it. Why? Because then you could hold him to it and get him to let you play- and then you will be free to leave and not sit there and pay money into the bar there. Even if you and your friends are broke and not buying, you are luring other people into the bar by looking like a crowd. He is using you.

If almost all the bands show up, SOMEONE is either going to get cut off, not get to play or get a super short set. HE COULD NOT CARE LESS. EVERY BOOKING AGENT SHOULD *NEVER* HAVE BANDS THAT JUST DON’T SHOW UP- is he f’in joking? Not only that, they should never have A SURPLUSS OF BANDS. That is just abusive. 

The place knows what is going on but is letting him do it because it benefits them. DON’T BOOK YOUR BAND HERE. You WILL be sorry.

The stage looks like it’s made out of cardboard and about to fall over and the whole place looks like crap.