Local 269

1.0 out of 5 stars
based on 2 Reviews
269 E Houston St.
New York, NY



Typical earnings for each musician

based on input from 1 review

Paid via…

  • Lump sum?: No (1 vote)  
  • Cover?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Donations?: No (2 votes)  
  • Minimum draw to get paid?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • No pay at all?: No (1 vote)  
  • Free food?: No (2 votes)  
  • Free drinks?: No (1 vote)  
  • Paid to play?: No (1 vote)  

Business practices

  • Non-profit?: No (2 votes)  
  • Musician-run?: No (2 votes)  
  • Rental fee?: No (2 votes)  
  • Books local acts?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Books out-of-town acts?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Promotes the acts it hires?: No (2 votes)  


  • Piano?: No (2 votes)  
  • Piano in tune?: No (1 vote)  
  • Keyboard?: No (1 vote)  
  • Drumset?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Keyboard amp?: No (1 vote)  
  • Guitar amp?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Bass amp?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Direct box?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • PA system?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Sound person?: Yes (2 votes)  

The room

  • Stage?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Backstage/Green Room?: No (2 votes)  
  • Space for dancing?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Primarily background music?: Yes (1 vote)  No (1 vote)  
  • Serves Food?: No (2 votes)  
  • Liquor License?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Capacity: 0-50 (2 votes)  

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Reviews from musicians



21 Reviews
1.0 out of 5 stars   


I agree with musicman71's review. Very small space, very loud sound, empty room, difficult to draw people to. The band set-up in between sets is DIY. Beyond that, I went as a listener, and they were almost entirely out of alcohol. They didn't even have any beer! How they expect to make a profit is beyond me.

This venue will book ANYONE. They'll ask you to guarantee X number of people to show up, and will take you entirely on your word because they don't know any better. You'll get one set, and don't be surprised if your jazz performance is sandwiched in between an acoustic folk duo and a thrash metal band.



2 Reviews
1.0 out of 5 stars   


Very small venue, bar staff was friendly, but management was a little off-putting. They changed up the sets twice during the night. Sound was oppressively loud for the other band. Had to go outside most of the set. No promo done by the bar. We were paid a small percentage of the door though.