Kent Farmers Market

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Kent, WA


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2.0 out of 5 stars   


We played at the Kent Farmers market a number of times. They only pay $100 for two hours and the tips are usually not that good. I've found that when everything goes OK, no problem, but when things go wrong, they're just not worth dealing with. They've double-booked and cancelled on one occasion and the person who made the mistake, Judy, threatened to pull all music at the mere suggestion that she may have inconvenienced a performer. I've heard other Lions Club members (the people that run the Farmers Market) insult other performers as well. Rather than work as partners, my general impression of them is that they treat you as though they're doing you a huge favor.

If you want to play there you'll probably be OK, but once you get to know these people you'll find out that some of them are pretty nasty. My decision after they screwed over my friends was to avoid at all costs.