Matt Murphy's Pub

4.0 out of 5 stars
based on 1 Review
14 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 02445-7905
(617) 232-0188


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Typical earnings for each musician

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Paid via…

  • Lump sum?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Cover?: No (1 vote)  
  • Donations?: No (1 vote)  
  • Free food?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Free drinks?: Yes (1 vote)  

Business practices

  • Non-profit?: No (1 vote)  
  • Musician-run?: No (1 vote)  
  • Rental fee?: No (1 vote)  
  • Books local acts?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Books out-of-town acts?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Promotes the acts it hires?: Yes (1 vote)  

The room

  • Stage?: No (1 vote)  
  • Backstage/Green Room?: No (1 vote)  
  • Space for dancing?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Primarily background music?: No (1 vote)  
  • Serves Food?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Liquor License?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Capacity: 50-300 (1 vote)  

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Reviews from musicians



18 Reviews
4.0 out of 5 stars   


This club has a good vibe, good food, and great beer. It pays poorly to OK, usually around $50 a person (plus dinner and free drinks). The main advantage of this place is that they're willing to book a band on a regular basis, so it's a good spot to develop an audience, work out the kinks from a band, etc.

It's pretty small, crowded, hot, mostly with a groove/dance vibe. Maybe the most annoying part is bands need to leave a space for customers to get through to the bathroom. Still, overall, a fun place to play.