Alphabet Lounge

1.5 out of 5 stars
based on 3 Reviews
104 Ave C
New York, NY
(212) 780-0202


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Typical earnings for each musician

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Paid via…

  • Lump sum?: No (1 vote)  
  • Donations?: No (1 vote)  
  • Minimum draw to get paid?: No (1 vote)  
  • Free food?: No (2 votes)  
  • Free drinks?: No (2 votes)  
  • Paid to play?: No (1 vote)  

Business practices

  • Musician-run?: No (1 vote)  
  • Rental fee?: No (1 vote)  
  • Books local acts?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Books out-of-town acts?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Promotes the acts it hires?: No (2 votes)  


  • Piano?: No (2 votes)  
  • Piano in tune?: No (1 vote)  
  • Keyboard?: No (1 vote)  
  • Drumset?: No (3 votes)  
  • Keyboard amp?: No (2 votes)  
  • Guitar amp?: No (3 votes)  
  • Bass amp?: No (3 votes)  
  • Direct box?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • PA system?: Yes (2 votes)  
  • Sound person?: Yes (1 vote)  

The room

  • Stage?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Backstage/Green Room?: No (2 votes)  
  • Space for dancing?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Primarily background music?: No (1 vote)  
  • Serves Food?: No (2 votes)  
  • Liquor License?: Yes (1 vote)  
  • Capacity: 0-50 (2 votes)  

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Reviews from musicians



3 Reviews
1.0 out of 5 stars   


I've had the same experience as the reviewers below and can confirm that it's been like that for the last eight years. You play behind a railing to a very thin bar. The good news is that there is practically ONLY standing room! We were rushed out because of a party as well.



1 Review
1.0 out of 5 stars   


This is NOT a venue for bands to play at.
This place is set up for private parties or some nonsence. Before the other bands even fininshed playing their set, the owners/employees were basically rushing us out the door to make room for a party that was coming in.



2 Reviews
2.0 out of 5 stars   


Place is basically not a venue... Played on a Friday night to NO ONE. We had out usually crowd of ten or so but no one there just hanging out. More of a party place, sound guy said people pay $350 a table there, and the tables were incredibly small, as was the place itself. Had to stop playing at 10 because of a bacheloret party coming in. Sound guy said the place was jumping on Thursday, but I doubt it. I would never play here again and unless you draw VERY well in NYC don't even bother, plus if you draw well you would be better of elsewhere.